Photos: Taking flight, the dream of the flying car

Taking flight, the dream of the flying carPilot instructor Mathias Klug, front right, and student Mirja Gutzer, red overall, are about to make a landing with their Skyline Event GTS, near Giessen, north of Frankfurt, Germany, on this photo taken Monday, Nov.17, 1997. It took Klug 2 1/2 years to develop and build the peculiar hybrid car-plane that can fly at a speed of 120km/h (72 mls/h) and can go at least 50 km/h (30mls/h) on the ground after removing the wings. The Skyline Event GTS can be ordered at 90,000 marks (dlrs 52,000). Klug said the idea behind was to find a solution that permitted air travelling and further mobility after arriving at the landing ground, like driving to the next beer garden. (AP Photo/Axel Seidemann)

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