Big lottery winners often prize anonymity

FILE - In this Jan. 6, 2012 file photo provided by the Maryland State Lottery Agency, a man dressed as a Powerball stands by a couple who did not want to be identified as they hold a large prop check showing their winnings at the lottery's headquarters in Baltimore. In cases in which simple dumb luck suddenly changes someone's fortunes, observers say such clinging to anonymity despite the glaring spotlight is just plain smart. Illinois lottery officials are still waiting for the winner who bought a ticket worth $218 million in the small town of Red Bud, Ill., to come forward. It was part of a three-way share in the $656 million Mega Millions jackpot drawn on March 30. (AP Photo/Maryland State Lottery Agency, File)The tiny Illinois farm town of Red Bud is the kind of place with few strangers and few secrets. Yet the community of 3,700 has a lingering mystery on its hands: Who bought the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket, and why hasn’t the winner of the world-record $656 million jackpot come forward?

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